How can you tell when it’s summer in Brisbane?


3378017769_326cd1d5a3_bIt’s just around the corner, and we can all feel it coming….

There’s always a few tell-tale signs. How do you know when it’s summer in Brisbane?


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  2. Plenty of roadside mango vendors, particularly on the outskirts. “$20 a tray – bargain!”

    Lots of ads for air conditioners and outdoor recreation stores. Packed shopping centers (w/ air con). Plenty of FB and SMS invites to ‘beach days’ at either the Goldy or Sunny.

  3. When this blasted rain stops and the wind starts coming from the North. The storms are wonderful. If you have ever lived in a cold country, you know how good it is to get back to the afternoon storms.

    When you can throw away the shoes and socks and have a BBQ anytime of the day or night. When a beer tastes so good, you think you can have a second. When you think I should have installed that swimming pool after all…

  4. The smell of rotting mangoes and melting bitumen, and most conversations kicking off with a comment about the heat…

  5. Every mango, cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot tastes incredible.

    When sleep is almost impossible from the heat.

    Afternoon thunderstorms.

  6. you cant sleep at night its too hot and during the day it too hot and then a summer storm hits the sky lights up and rain falls and you remember why you love summer

  7. That sweet subtle jasmine scent in the air with a touch of warmth to the breeze… or is that late spring??  Summer is sunlight streaming in through your blinds at 5am and being awoken by the loud sound of crows swarking.  Middle of summer is absolutely horrible – you sweat two seconds after stepping out of the shower and you feel tired, hot and sticky all the time.  All you want to do is drown yourself in cold water or blast yourself with cold air.  End of summer is the best coz the 3 months of disgusting heat is finally over!!


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