Which Brisbane misconceptions drive you crazy?


As a long-term resident of Brisbane, you probably know this city pretty well by now. That’s probably why it drives you crazy when you hear particular Brisbane misconceptions which simply aren’t true! Which misconceptions do you hear the most from people who live elsewhere, and why are they patently untrue?

For example, we’ve been struggling to shrug off that ‘big country town’ jibe for some time now. Many feel this is a badge to wear with pride, but considering how much our city has grown in the past couple of decades, is it strictly true these days?

There’s also many people from certain other eastern states who constantly bang on about Brisbane being ‘boring’ compared to their capital cities. If that’s the case, why do so many people keep moving from Melbourne and Sydney up to Brisbane in record droves?

Over to you. What misconceptions about Brisbane are simply not true, and why?



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