Which bottle shops are open on Good Friday in Brisbane?


This seems to happen every year at Easter in Brisbane, and we always get asked this on our Twitter feed – which bottle shops are open on Good Friday in Brisbane? So we figured we’d set the record straight with a comprehensive list of every bottle shop open on Good Friday.

Here we go:

Yeah, there aren’t any. But all is not lost!

We’ve heard more than a few whispers that beer brewers are still allowed to sell alcohol on Good Friday. If you’re truly desperate for booze on Good Friday, try ringing around a few local microbreweries or wineries, as they may still be open for business legally.

Unfortunately, when it comes to bottle shops, it’s the law. You can search high and low, but the government prevents any bottle shop from selling take-away booze on Good Friday, no matter what your own personal beliefs are.

If you’ve got any other tips or loopholes for bottle shops open on Good Friday, leave them in the comments…



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