What is your favourite old Brisbane TV commercial?


We’ve seen a good deal of Brisbane businesses with ads for TV. However, a few television advertising for smaller businesses can be so unintentionally weird that it stays with you for years to come.

Perhaps you can’t stop singing an old Brisbane TV ad with a silly jingle.

Share your favourites below. YouTube links are certainly OK, however will be moderated before publishing.


  1. The old “if you want to get the job done, call mum” ads were tragic, but awesome at the same time. I think it was for patio covers or something. Then of course the 3 times louder sign off “PROUD TO BE A QUEENSLAND SMALL BUSINESS”

  2. Big Rooster was the best! The food not the ad.

    I was in an ad on the telly in the mid 70’s for Finn Blinds. I wish I could find it. It was done through Fortune Advertising at Milton.

  3. I can remember my dad using “Bryl-cream” for many, many years…. advertisement was for men’s hair grooming cream….. I remember it being in a red and white tub…

  4. What about a real oldie – “Bryl-Cream a little dab’ll do ya”. How many people even know what product that was advertising?

  5. I loved the Big Rooster TV commercials from the 80s… Shot in Brisbane (my Dad made them, Ive sat on many fences at The Gap eating chicken -never needed to act happy)… The theme song still gets in my head. I’ve also noticed quite a few tv commercials (eg energex) which feauture the coloured terrace houses on Upper Cairns Tce, Paddington… And of course I think “Kick it to Me!” whenever I walk through New Farm park :)