Why do Sydney residents secretly love visiting Brisbane for weekend breaks?


Sydney-siders are always quick to tell us how much better their city is than ours, but have you ever noticed how many of them come to Brisbane for the weekend?

Why is that? Is it because they’ve picked up a cheap flight to Brisbane? Or that it only takes an hour to fly from Sydney to Brisbane?

Sure, our weather is better, our entertainment and dining scene more affordable, and our pace more relaxed…but is it more than that?

Maybe it’s the people – could it be we’re just a friendlier bunch? Or do we have attractions and experiences here Sydney people just can’t have – or have as easily – in their home town?

If Brisbane people go to Sydney for the weekend, it’s usually for an event – not just to hang out. But the reverse is not necessarily true for Sydney-siders: many come just to enjoy our city.

What do you think? Why do Sydney people secretly love to travel to Brisbane for a weekend break?



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