Why did you move to Brisbane?


suitcasesEveryone arrived in this city somehow – you were either born here, or you moved here by choice!

There’s always interesting stories to share about why you moved here… exactly what was it that attracted you to the big smoke? Or perhaps you moved here from another city, or even country!

Share your reasons why Brisbane was so attractive to you.


  1. I moved here for work in 1999. My (now) ex partner and kids are based here. I continue to live and work here to be close to them. It’s the worst, most frustrating, out of date, useless city in Australia. The least sophisticated, the most racist, the most unfriendly, the most arrogant and the least welcoming city I’ve lived in. I have lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, London, New Dehli and New York.

    In Brisbane general service is appallingly bad, the food is awful and hugely overpriced, public transport a joke, the city itself a mindless stretch of concrete. There are very few exceptions that prove the rule. I just spent a week in Hobart, a real city, with a genuine culture and sense of itself, and really good food.

    Brisbane is constantly doing stuff like this site..about how groovy and world class it is, and how everyone is just so excited to be here. A sure sign of deep self esteem issues. Get over it.

    And if someone gives me a number in a cafe one more time…..

  2. WE moved to Brisbane from The Netherlands 5 years ago now because of the weather, the climate and the sunshine. Later on we fell in love with the food (BBQ), the lifestyle and variety of the country

  3. What a great timing for this question..today is exactly 10 years since I arrived in Aus.i came to lovely Brisbane straight away and loved the city from the first glance.i was born in beautiful Kyrgyzstan.but moved to an even more beautiful Australia.it is amazing how much Brizzy has grown in the last few years.there is more culture here these days and it is partly attributed to the migrants ;)

  4. I grew up in a small coastal town in central Qld and moved to Brisbane 10 years ago (not long after turning 18). Brisbane seemed like the obvious choice for me as it was the closest major city, far enough away from “home” yet not so far that I’d never see my friends or family again and a lot of my friends were making the move to Brisbane for Uni.

  5. I did move to brisbane to be near my ex boyfriend, in hopes that he would get back to me. But than I knew it was a mistake.

  6. Moved from the UK in 2004 with wife and 2 kids. Settled in Reddie Bay and moved to Brussie only in the last 6 months. Best thingwe ever did. Always worked here, but living in Brisbane is even better. So much on our doorstep. Will never live anywhere else.

  7. I moved here with my family (wife & 2 kids) from Mexico. We liked the descriptions (of the city and people) we found in internet. We haven’t been disappointed so far. We have 5 month living here and we love it!

  8. I came here from australia for uni (mainly at my parents’ insistence).

    I chose brisbane because I’m a major savage garden fangirl XD

  9. Forced to move here from England by the parents! Not going to lie, it has been difficult settling in, but ‘lil Brissy is growing on me. I love the laid-back vibe the city has, a huge difference from London.

  10. Moved from Townsville in 1996 because my dad was in the army and they moved him. Spent 12 months in Melbourne in 2005, but didn’t like it as much as Brisbane, so I moved back and have no plans to move again.

  11. Moved here about a year and a half ago now,
    decided to come up from melbourne as the people are friendlier, better weather and the lifestyle is more relaxed

  12. Moved here 10 yrs ago from Sydney. Too expensive down there. To be honest, there wasn’t much that attracted me to Brisbane back then, missed the vibe of Sydney too much but as new parents the change of pace grew in us. Now we have come to love brissie, it has become so much more dynamic and cultural and is developing very impressively along with the population explosion. This year we return to Sydney, and I will really miss the city I have grown to love….great restaurants, the bikeways, parks, fabulous weekend getaways so close by, the laid back way. The only thing I won’t miss is the humidity, oh and so looking forward to living with daylight savings again! Who needs to wake with the birds at 430 am and have darkness before tea time? Will miss this lovely place!


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