Who makes the best hot chocolate in Brisbane?


There’s a huge amount of cafes to pick out from in the Brisbane metro and CBD area. So which is the best for hot chocolate in Brisbane?

Some of us just aren’t as inclined to order a coffee and really love our sugary hot cocoa delicacy… instant drinking chocolate just doesn’t cut it! So what to do? Visit the optimum cafe in your city and get it there!

Possibly you’re comfortable with a giant coffee chain, a boutique chocolate specialist, a marvellous homemade cocoa supplier or simply a great local cafe in your local Brisbane suburban area. Where’s your favourite, and why is their hot chocolate recipe so terrific?

Do n’t forget to tip us off to how you like to order your cocoa, as well – possibly something like a touch of vanilla? Share your secrets!


  1. Monty’s Chocolates in Paddington and in the CBD on Edward Street. They’ve got it down to an art form. I can’t visit without buying one.

  2. I had coffee at the chocolate place in paddo couple of times and every time was great! The barista seems to be lovely, I always enjoy our little conversation, her oganic coffee is better then merlo!! I think she is just too nice…

  3. they may do good chocolate, but the coffee is awful. The barista who made my coffee kept telling me
    how good Merlo coffee was the whole time she was making mine!!!

  4. Have You tried awesome organic chocolate at Chocolate and coffee heaven at Latrobe terrace Paddington??
    And You always get free coated coffee bean with your drink. Everyone is winner:)

  5. The Pizza Cafe at UQ does a pretty mean italian hot choc. and of course, we now have Max Brenner’s at southbank :)

  6. Oooohhhh the best Hot Chocolate in the Brisbane CBD would have to got to the team at Extract Espresso on Adelaide St!!!!!Hot and creamy with fluffy marshmallows…..mmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Sorry! Typical that everything needs to be handy for most people in the modern world. GO to Monty’s Chocolates at Paddington for the best Hot Chocolate in Australia! Not just made “with care” but with the best chocolate from around the world! Stop being lazy Brisbane and get out of the CBD!

  8. I discovered a great hot chocolate by accident – waiting for the CBD loop bus. “Sugar and Spice”, Adelaide St just down from Edward St. Next to “Chocolate to Die For”!

  9. Gus from cool beans Brisbane square made me the best Jaffa (orange) hot chocolate ever! Made with care, experience and just the right temperture! Gus is a master at his art. A great addition to cool beans healthy, fresh sandwiches!

  10. I have no doubt the best Hot Chocolate in town is from Cool Beans in Brisbane Square as it is made with extra special care by the very talented Baristas Gus and Lucas. The coffee is perfect every time. I must also mention the lovely Brigitta whose warm friendly smile keeps the customers coming back. This little cafe rocks and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Do yourself a favour and stop in for a visit!

  11. Take away, hit up Gus at Cool Beans and Baguettes in Brisbane Square. He makes them just right. Tell him I sent you.

    For sit down hot chocolate, the best I’ve had was from Batavia that were at South Bank, but sadly they’re gone now. Second best would be from S-Bar outside the Magistrates Court, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, I don’t know if they still do hot chocolate. One would think so.

    We just need to get a Max Brenner up here in BrisVegas.