Who serves the best laksa in Brisbane?


It’s a popular meal in Malaysian restaurants in Brisbane, but which restaurant prepares the best laksa in Brisbane?

We don’t need for the best restaurant reviews when we can draw on a lot of local expertise right here. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy restaurant or a less flashy joint, just as long as their laksa is great!

So exactly where is the best laksa in Brisbane?


  1. The best Laksa I’ve had in brisbane is in a tucked away shop in Tarragindi, Asian food paradise next to the shell there.

  2. This sounds weird, but the Asian place in the Indro food court has one of the best seafood laskas I’ve ever had, and definitely better than laksa hut.

  3. Laksa Hut (Indooroopilly) – they used to be in Toowong and has moved to a new location which is upgraded with yummy food. Try the sizzling range (do sit outside for this) – and their laksa is the best in Brisbane, none of those in Sunnybank even compare. You can choose the meat to go with your laksa as well (bbq pork (cha sieu), roast pork, duck, seafood, etc). My fav? The roast pork.

    Try it some time. You won’t regret. Be patient while in line, they do get crowded.

  4. Even though we are up on the Sunshine Coast whenever we head down to Brisbane for business we make sure we head over to the Malaya Corner Restaurant at Sunnybank. Great Laksa and all sorts of Asian dishes from lots of different regions. Great value too. Try the Nasi Lemak sometime