Who provides the best organic produce delivery in Brisbane?


The most hassle free option of organising organic fruit is organising a fruit and vegetable delivery in Brisbane.

Which company do believe to be the top delivery of fruit in Brisbane? Share your favourite BrisbaneĀ vege boxes delivery.


  1. HomeFresh organics is good, as is farm fresh organics and Aussie farmers direct. All will deliver to your home.

  2. But Food Connect does not deliver to your home. They deliver to various locations and you have to travel there and collect what you have ordered. And the locations are not necessarily easily accessible by public transport or for people who have trouble climbing up hills and up stairs.
    The closest collection point for me involves a bus trip, then a walk uphill and then walking up a lot of stairs, which is just not possible for me.
    I’d like to know of any company that really does deliver organic produce, meaning deliver it to your home.

  3. Food Connect! They believe in and love what they do. They seriously support the wonderful people who grow our delicious food. And they have a unique community model, bringing people together each week.

  4. Love love love Food connect. Wonderful variety, local, seasonal, flavoursome and a fab community of farmers and foodies.

  5. FoodConnect. Delivery to local area so you do not have to be at home, great food and fantastic service, plus an ethical approach.

    Brilliant service, fantastic local food, supporting local farmers, no nasty chemicals and great price.

  7. Food Connect provides a wonderful unique system which connects consumers with local consumers. The produce they provide is fresh and delicious.

  8. Definitely Food Connect – very happy to see others voting for it! Best food in Brisbane and the delivery is just a great added bonus!

  9. Food Connect. Fantastic mob. Always have great quality produce and such variety. Exposing me to things i never thought of buying. Fruit and Veg has never tasted so good. :-)

  10. Food Connect! Great, fresh produce from local farmers, who receive a reasonable rate for their work – more than the supermarkets pay! And a company that works really hard to connect the buyers with the producers – by way of newsletters and farm tours. I’m addicted, could never go back to anyone else!