Who makes the best meat pies in Brisbane?


Baking the choicest meat pie can be a genuine artform. Do you know of any bakeries or hotels that always have the supreme meat pie recipe – or are you more into Four n Twenty meat pies?

Let us know the best pies in Brisbane!


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  3. Shane, you need to go about a kilometer down the road to either Piefection or La Campagne…both of them make Muzza’s look *very* pedestrian.

  4. Muzza’s Pies, no competition. Been eating them regularly for 8+ years – never had a bad one. Big chunks of tender beef, no gristle or fat. Steak Chilli Cheese my fave :)

  5. Syd’s Pies at Loganholme. I’ve enjoyed pies all over Australia during my 58 years but since I found Syd’s, there no comparison. I regularly drive the 80 km round trip from my home to stock up. I love them all but his English pork pie, egg and bacon pie and scotch pie are my favourites. He also does a fabulous rhubarb and custard tart. Give it a go. By the way, Syd is a scotsman! He’d likely thump you if you called him a pom!

  6. Without doubt, and believe me I really have looked hard, The Magic Oven at Wynnum, the plain meat pie is simply supurb.
    Made from soft flaky pastry, and generously filled with very good quality meat, it outshines all the others above. I have been there evert week since I found them years ago.
    Give Vin and Tina my love, they are great people, very kind folk that only serve quality food.
    You feel good after eating there.

  7. I love meat pies, and the best meat pies are definitely at beefy’s! In my opinion, brumby’s are average and piefection is alright, but beefy’s definitely has the best quality pies and they are generous in size. Beefy’s has my vote!

  8. The Goat Pie Guy at Jan Powers’ markets (New Farm and Manly) makes the best meat pies I’ve ever eaten. Granted, that meat is goat, but even if they were just beef, the flavours, pastry and overall awesomeness would make them win hands down!

  9. The choice for the best pie in brisbane is easy. Piefection gourmet pies is head shoulders and half a torso in fron of ever other pie hands down. The flavours are amazing, I just had a Mexican beef pie with a huge slab of tender beef in it and it had nacho cheese and it had a jalapeño and cheese popper on top! You just can’t beat that!!! They are not just the best pies in Brisbane they have to be the best pies ever.

  10. I agree with *Bulby*

    Bakery on old Cleveland road on the corner. Across from Belmont state school and the KFC. Just finished a steak, bacon and cheese, YUM!!

    Customer service is the best, so when I walked in with $6 and bought a pie and a loaf of bread, the price was $6.60. She waved off the 60c and said “oh you pay next time”, she had no idea who I was and am not a regular because I don’t live near. In saying that, I would drive the extra distance to visit this store again.

    Out of 10 for pie quality, being critical, I’d say 7-8
    Out of 10 for service, 10!

  11. Give Jimmy Dan Bakerey Moorooka a go, Steak and Mushroom pie has 1/2″ bits of steak in it, the best pie I’ve had, and I’ve had pies all over Australia over the past 45 years..
    I get one most weekend.

  12. There’s a bakery on Old Cleveland Rd across from the Belmont Primary School run by some Vietnamese guys that has some great pies.

  13. Garratt you are a moron. Do what everyone else has said and go to Piefection at Mt gravatt. Everyone would agree that they are the best of the best of the best. I just tried a slow roast pulled pork pie with crackling, apple sauce and gravy. Impossible not to like, and the ‘Holy Cow! (indian beef curry) it the best curry I have ever had – and I dont mean curry pie either! plus the chilli cheese fries and addictive!!!!

  14. Thanks for the response, Garratt. Personally, I’m a curry pie fan. The best ones I’ve found (and I’ve sampled many) were at the Vietnamese bakery on Rode Rd Wavell Hts, and the lamb curry pie at Rock n Roll as mentioned above – so I’ll probably give the curry pie a shot at the title. My biggest beef (pardon the pun) is a pie shop whose curry pie consists of a plain pie with a bit of yellow curry powder sprinkled on top…FFS, it isn’t the 70’s – get some flavour in there!

  15. Also I think the hard base pies just remind me of servo / big dad /other crappy shops pies. So I’m biased.

  16. Depends what you like, they pretty much only have the standard: Plain, pepper, chicken, curry, tomato/onion, etc.

    The pepper steak used to be unreal, it contained at least a tablespoon of cracked pepper in the center of the pie, and pepper on the pastry top. I think they have cut down a bit though, due to too many wussy complaints. I loved them.

    The type of pie is reasonably soft base (not so soft it falls apart) with flaky pastry on top. The steak and plain pies don’t contain grizzle and disgusting bits. Just nice chunky bits of mince and steak. Great flavour.

    Also, they are Australian (Asian ancestors) owned which is also a nice surprise.

    I guess it also depends on what you consider the best pie to be…
    For instance in a number of “Award winning” bakeries the pies have a really hard base, and are easily manageable if you decide to eat and drive. Personally I don’t like hard base pies. Other pies may also ave just a soft layer of shortcut on the top… which again I don’t particularly like.

    So really Brisbane’s Best Pie is always going to come down to personal preference.

    Also saying that, they have the best neenish tarts in the world. Medium hard thick base, the top pink/brown icing is not the same flavour like so many other bakeries. It actually does taste like chocolate and strawberry like it should. It has a mock cream center which is always soft and fresh and a dab of strawberry jam in the center. Good for a sweet tooth.

    I’ve NEVER had a better one at any other bakery in Brisbane, while other pies may have come close, the tarts never do.

  17. Garratt, what’s your recommendation at The Golden King? I’m hitting it next week as a result of your comments.

  18. I lived at Ashgrove for 13 years, The Golden King (or maybe Golden Crown) Bakery next to the Butcher, near Suncorp on Waterworks Rd.

    Seriously, the best pies in Brisbane, I cannot eat pies from other places since eating there. Even the so called “Award Winning” Ferny Way Bakery…. I’ve heard people say Samford Bakery is good, comon please…. you don’t know what a decent pie taste like until you’ve tried Ashgrove. I now live at Ferny Hills, and the biggest thing I miss about Ashgrove is the Pies and Neenish Tarts from the Golden King, and BLT’s from the fish&chip store across the rd in Ashgrove Plaza.

  19. Come down to the gold coast for the Best and the Biggest pies at Big Dads Pies Robina, situated at the Easy T Center cnr Christine Ave and Scottsdale Dr Robina

  20. @Greg.. I reckon Ive been to most of the places you list, and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment…which prompted me to try one of your recommendations that I hadn’t visited before: Muzza’s. I was pretty disappointed. I had a curry beef pie, and it was the most insipid, tasteless thing I’ve ever eaten. My dining companion – an expert in his own right – threw half of his in the bin! Admittedly, we did try it back-to-back immediately after a curry lamb pie from Rock N Roll, which was superb and didn’t help Muzza’s cause, but the pie was that nondescript that I don’t know if I’d bother going back to try any of the others. Also Greg, since you’re obviously a connoisseur, you should do yourself a favour and stop in a Piefection on Logan Rd. The baby back pork rib pie with smokey Jack Daniels sauce is off the hook! The curry pie at the Wavell Height hot bread shop is lip-tinglingly awesome too.

  21. Muzza’s Pies, Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo, definitely has the best in town. Greg, he is a Kiwi but knows a thing or two about pies. Pepper Steak is the best.

  22. Perretts Pie’s in Wynnum. Absolutely amazing, same recipe they have been using for at least 20 yrs. They have won a heap of awards they are BRILLIANT !

  23. I reckon Pie Time in Spine Street, Sumner (not the on in Coopers Plains) is the best pie ever! They have a pie of the month every month and my flavourite so far is the Mexican pie (February). They also do an awesome beer pie!

    The best thing about this place is that the staff eat the food! That’s a good sign. Nothing [email protected] goes in their pies. A lot of chunky beef, good ratio of sauce and meat/veg.

    Gotta try it!

  24. Alright.. I’ll try and put a list of decent pies that I can remember that I’ve had around the city.

    Best goes to Beefys. 3 locations, one at Moby Vic’s service station on the bruce highway at beerwah, between caboolture and caloundra turn offs, on the southbound side. One is on the top of buderim on mooloolaba rd.
    The other is 15 minutes furthur up the coast at the ettamogah pub.
    Everything here is excellent.

    A close second would be the Forest Glen bakery. If you are ever heading up towards Noosa, take the forest glen turnoff, it’s tucked away just beside the highway on the east. Once again, try it all, it’s amazing.

    And in no particular order..

    Rock n Roll Bakery, Greenslopes and Camp Hill. Exy, but decent pies. Standouts are Creamy Chicken and Lamb and Rosemary.

    Samford bakery. I have driven out there just to eat there. Mushroom and Steak Cheese and Bacon are my favorites here.

    Fernvale bakery, if heading that way is worth a stop. So much to choose from. When they had the wagyu steak pies that’s all I would get.

    Syd’s pies. A pommy bloke runs this one. It’s on the M1 at Eagleby northbound. Take the
    Cleveland/Redland Bay turn off just after the Logan motorway turnoff. The pie and chips and gravy is cheap and an awesome feed. Pies are different from the norm, I’m guessing they may be more traditional english style, but having never been to england, that will have to remain a guess.

    Muzzas Pies, Old Cleveland Rd. Coorparoo. Decent pies, the bloke looks to be kiwi.. I’ll let you decide whether or not thats a good thing. Chicken Tandoori is my favorite.

    Hoe Inn, Ipswich heading west through town, it’s on the right. Nice homemade style pies, meaty and big, along with decent carvery style eats. The sweet stuff is good here too.

    I’m sure there are others, but thats about all that I would put on the list of ‘best pies’.
    I know of a lot more, as I travel everywhere for work, but I’d have to make a list of average pies and shame pies.

    Big Dad’s, Yatala, most bakerys run by asians, -not racist theres always way too much gelatine and tinned food and bits of artery in most that I just walk away these days, too many bad experiences- Brumbys.. You get the idea..

  25. There is a little place on the service road near concord park right next to motor bike shop south side brisbane