Which train line in Brisbane has the weirdest passengers and why?


It’s no secret that some train lines in Brisbane are frequented by, shall we say, “eclectic” passengers.

Thinking about a BrisbaneĀ train map… where do you believe are the biggest culprits for out there passengers? Make sure to mention your horror train passenger tales as well.


  1. I’ll say the Caboolture line since that’s what I travel on…and the further out from the city, the weirder the people.

  2. I was on the Shorncliffe line and had a guy smoke between the train carriages; then take a piss. Was very awkward for everyone on-board nearby.

  3. Caboolture line by far!
    whether its the unusual outfits or the bogans or the constant amount of times the train has to stop because another car has gone through the boom gates at strathpine station not to mention the quirky train drivers you get sometimes. Last time the man had forgotton his microphone was still on and was singing over the intercom