Which restaurant has the best service in Brisbane?


Brisbane is a city famous for our fine dining options, but which restaurant in Brisbane has the best service?

It may be fine dining in Brisbane CBD,  it could also be low-key meals at a bar in Brisbane.

When you’re considering top dining in Brisbane, who has the best service?


  1. Montrachet – always amazing service and food. Isis was always my favourite, but they have continued the philosophy of impeccable service with Ortega. Plus, my first experience at Stokehouse hopefully won’t be my last. Fantastic food, atmosphere and service. Great sommelier!

    For more of a cafe style, Tognini’s in the lane in the Valley and Buzz at Emporium never disappoint. Really friendly, pleasant staff.

    And a newbie … Alcove at Wilston. Most gorgeously welcoming staff.

  2. Lock’n’Load Bistro in West End has a quirky blend of an efficient and at the same time fairly laid back crew, definitely worth going back for service and food!!!

  3. Can’t beat the Ship Inn at Southbank! Not only the best service anywhere but the best food, competitive prices and excellent discounts for locals! Never had a bad meal or bad service ever there! Two thumbs up for the Ship Inn!

  4. The bad service moments in Brisbane are far more memorable…
    Best Service – Ill give China Sea at Milton my vote, plus Peasant at Barracks.
    And because it’s too memorable, Punjabi at Paddington still takes the cake for worst service. The reviews on urbanspoon are worth a laugh.