Which closed-down store in Brisbane do you miss?


As Brisbane grows bigger, smaller boutique shops are slowly but surely squeezed out – or maybe suddenly vanish. There’s many shops which many people miss.

Which store do you really wish was still trading? Perhaps there’s a long-closed eatery you find yourself reminiscing about, or a favourite little shop you adored.


  1. The old ‘Shingle Inn’ on Edward St with its antique fittings. Good times. Now Queens Plaza, materialistic wonderland.

  2. Souvlaki Hut. Brilliant little franchise that died too soon. Being ex-Melbourne, I miss being able to get a decent souvlaki without having to travel miles for it!

  3. I miss… About Face at Kelvin Grove
    But also send votes for Farmer Joes at Kedron & tops at the myer centre.
    Sian.. I think the shop you are referring to was called the secret garden? Or something like that?… such a fun concept for a store. :)

  4. Which shop do neighbours. friends and many. many people miss on northside FARMER JOES! Fruit, veggies, deli, butcher etc…. Now Kedron has nothing to compare.

  5. Chi Chi Deluxe in Elizabeth Street was THE place! Uber cool clothing, best music, furniture,. jewlery and watches. I remember the watches and the crazy sunglasses!

  6. Batavia. They had the best hot chocolates. And I just loved the style and spending time relaxing with friends. Wish it hadn’t closed down.

  7. Totally Twisted. It was on the same building and level as Govindas on Elizabeth Street. It was magical!

  8. Tops was awesome but there used to be an all you can eat KFC at the eagle street pier. Never seen one like it before or since. Utterly epic and not a single person I’ve told about it has not also wished it was still open.

  9. Definitely Tops, but also that store that used to be in the Myer Center (at the same time Tops was around) that was like a forest inside and it had all these weird creature stuffed animals for sale and they hung down from vines and hid in nooks stuff inside the store. :)

  10. I already miss Batavia at South Bank. I really liked that place. It’s great to have a Grill’d close to the cinemas, but I wish Batavia hadn’t had to go.