Which closed down restaurant in Brisbane do you miss most?


We have all had some of the most quintessentially Brisbane dining experiences disappear over the years. Whether it’s city or somewhere else, which Brisbane fine dining venue or casual eating place do you long for?


  1. As for Bohemian Cafe, the owner is a relative who would like to set up one again. Mr Bohemia is now an artist and says his misses everyone, and thanks you for the compliments

  2. As a former Sous Chef at Venice, I can say I’m not surprised it’s shut down and to be honest, glad it’s gone. The place was run poorly, kitchen was constantly under equipped and under staffed. The staff were underpaid and not exactly treated well. We were told to add 30 mins to our shifts each day for breaks we were meant to have, by law, taken, that were actually never taken. The owner was more interested in spending 10k on mirrors for the bathrooms and driving around in a jag rather than money being put into the maintaining the kitchen. The food was overpriced and rather basic. At one stage, customers were paying the same prices as they would at Restaurant Two, for food that was half the quality. Could have been a great little place, but unfortunately, poor ownership and bad management doomed it from the start. Cutting corners gets you no where in hospitality, especially when it means risking the quality of the product you serve.

  3. Bretts wharf. It was a brissy icon that always delivered amazing food and great service. Doesn’t seem right that its gone!

  4. Aqualina at Portside – the most amazing crab linguine
    Seachange at Westend – delicious and fresh fish and chips

  5. The buffalo club in fortitude valley.
    The most outstanding degustation restaurant in Brisbane. Amazing dining experience we have sadly missed since closing down in 2011.

  6. Really miss TAKE 5 at Southbank.it had the best pork schnitzel ever.the good news there is another TAKE 5 in Vic Point-it is a bit too far for me to travel there..

  7. Kropotkin’s Anarchist Cafe in West End. Ran for a while in the 1980s. Fabulous vegetarian food, great atmosphere, it couldn’t last. Loved it.

  8. The Bohemian Cafe that was around in the late 80’s, very early 90’s. Was on Elizabeth St. Very Melbourne-esque. Alternative. Great music. Now it’s a tacky synthetic shoe shop. Go Brisbane, you’re all class!

  9. California Cafe in Fortitude Valley. I can’t even remember if it was that good, it’s been that long. But it haunts my dreams.

  10. Eagle Boys Bracken Ridge.
    I miss this store as their pizzas are better than Dominos but I heard this Eagle Boys store was shut down due to serious food health violations.

  11. Codpiece, New Farm. Best fish restaurant without the over cloying way some “experts” carried on. Now a pointless real estate office which the area SO needs.

  12. I was only saying today that I miss Batavia. Best hot chocolates ever, and such a lovely spot to sit with a friend over a cuppa.

  13. YES!! I miss that place so much sometimes! Such a same it got replaced by a Grill’d.
    Their hot chocolates were to die for! I can’t speak about their coffee as I don’t drink it.

  14. Batavia Teahouse in South Bank was one of the first cafes I visited in Brisbane, and its unique atmosphere and menu made me an instant and ardent fan. It was a huge shame when it closed down.