Which Brisbane city planning decision would you go back in time and undo?


Town planning in Brisbane is easier said than done – we all think we could do a better job. Just for argument’s sake, though, let’s say you could go back in time and make any change to Brisbane you desired. What planning or other change would you make, and why?

Maybe there’s some changes to the layouts of our roads and highways you’d make, to make it easier to get around town – or at least in a way that makes sense. Perhaps you’re frustrated with how high buildings are getting in some parts of town – or you just know of some really ugly eyesores which should never have been built in the first place.

What changes would you go back in time to make to Brisbane and why?


  1. Demolishing the Milton Bowl, which also contained squash courts and a popular music venue, then asking us for ideas on how to use the space in the community interest.

  2. Cat’s out of the bag on this one. Not adopting the Wilbur Smith plan would be the first thing.

    Locations of the other motorway exits between suburbs would be the next thing. Moving them so that they don’t isolate suburbs.

    Moving train lines underground, and basically undoing all the destruction during the Joh Bjelke-Petersen premiership

  3. It would’ve been great if the Northern Freeway was built along with the ring road. It didn’t happen due to the government of the day being scared of NIMBY’S.

    Brisbane is paying the price for it now.


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