Which Brisbane area has the worst mobile phone coverage?


Which neighbourhoods in Brisbane have you waving your fist at a lack of mobile phone coverage – and just how horrible are they?

It doesn’t matter if you’re with Optus, Virgin or someone else – we’ve all got an opinion on who is the best for mobile receiption.

But where is the most painful part of town for mobile phone coverage in Brisbane, and who are you with?


  1. Optus, shocking at Middle Park/Mt Ommaney. It was never a problem all the years with Vodafone but Optus is really bad.

  2. Tarragindi is worse place for mobile reception. I’m with Telstra and still struggle. Just one or no bar inside the house

  3. Certain areas of Bellbird Park. 3 cells around – all on the other side of the hills…. Want to make a call or receive one, go outside and dance around a bit, may be in the middle of the street or on a retaining wall – may get lucky. All carriers.

  4. Regents Park has lots of dead spots with Optus. My son has an iPhone which is virtually useless as all he ever gets is SOS only

  5. Vodafone Everton Park! Its shocking! And what makes it worse is that i rung them up about it and found out its been down for the last 3 mths and they still charge you for something thats not fully operational!!

  6. Bray Park down the Warner end. Absolutely terrible here. All behind my house is one giant dead service spot.

  7. I live at Goodna and the coverage here/Camira got so bad that when I complained to Optus they tested the area and acknowledged there were many black spots and released me from my contract. I’m with Telstra now tho and things are good…