Where are the best cheap hairdressers in Brisbane?


Everyone’s got a reliable hair salon in Brisbane that they usually visit, but sometimes you’ll come across that lucky combination: cheap hairdressers in Brisbane who actually do an awesome job. Who can you recommend as the best cheap hairdressers in Brisbane, who actually know what they’re doing?

Maybe you’ve found someone who simply knows your style, or does a great job of managing curly hair. Perhaps it’s an unassuming suburban hair salon which you always leave looking like a million bucks. Don’t just keep these cheap Brisbane hairdressers a secret if they’re doing such a great job!

We’ve also heard that the Brisbane School of Hairdressing or Queensland Hairdressing Academy isn’t a bad idea if you’re looking for a cheap hairdresser – but are they really the best option?

Let us know who you rate as the best cheap hairdressers in Brisbane below.


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