Where is your favourite store to buy men’s clothing in Brisbane?


Long gone are the days when a pair of stubbies, a singlet and thongs was suitable attire for any man at any occasion in Brisbane. Now, guys are feeling just as much pressure to be stylish as the ladies. And they face the same problems about where to find the perfect outfit.

From the tailored suits favoured by inner-city high fliers to the skinny jeans and chunky glasses worn almost as a uniform by New Farm hipsters, men across Brisbane are searching for a look that defines them, their personality and their city.

So where do Brisbane men shop for clothes? What is the best clothing store in Brisbane? What type of apparel do you favour – men’s suits, jeans, shorts or even leggings?  Where do you find clothes for big men? Or is it all too hard trying to find what you want in Brisbane so you search for men’s fashion online?

You tell us, what do you wear and where is our favourite store to but men’s clothes in Brisbane?


  1. Apartment on Charlotte St. They generally stock the best mid-to-high end menswear ranging from streetwear and heritage-influenced to forward-thinking tailored pieces. Bit out of my price range at the moment, but I can say definitively that it’s the ‘best’ menswear store in Brisbane.


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