Where is the most spectacular street in Brisbane?


For the most part, Brisbane’s streets are just a way to get us from A to B. Unless it’s peak hour, in which case they’re a way to make us sit in our car.

But some Brisbane streets are so spectacular you want to drive/walk/chase the dog along them again and again. (Okay, so maybe you’re getting sick of chasing the dog.)

So where’s our most spectacular street? Is it in the heart of the CBD, or in one of our quieter suburbs. Is it north, south or west? (Um, that big street in the east? Yeah, that’s actually a runway.)

And what makes it so spectacular? Do the trees on either side make it feel like the country lanes of your childhood? Do the twists and turns let you fantasise about driving through the chicane at Bathurst? Or is it because there isn’t a single Christmas light to be seen? (C’mon, people. We need to sleep sometime.)

This is your chance to put Brisbane’s most spectacular streets on the map. And we’re sure everyone who comes to see it will enjoy it as much as you do.

Let us know your favourite spectacular streets in Brisbane in the comments below.


  1. Cairns terrace red hill has epic views of the city and the tin and timber rooflines of paddington. Amazing too in jacaranda season ,


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