Where is the best steak restaurant in Brisbane?


If you’re a devoted carnivore and you demand your steak cooked just the way you like it – every time – chances are you’ll have a favourite steakhouse in Brisbane.

There are plenty of challengers for the crown: old favourites like Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill at Eagle Street and the Norman Hotel at Woolloongabba, as well as newcomers like Moo Moo The Wine Bar & Grill at the Stamford Plaza.

Most suburbs these days have a steak restaurant, so where is your favourite? Who serves the best steak and wine? (Because you know you can’t have a great steak without an excellent glass of red.)

Don’t just tell us your pick – also tell us what makes it the best (quality, consistency, service, wine list, etc.)?


  1. For me it would be the Norman. Value for money and atmosphere it would be one of the best. Great pace for a steak and a few drinks with mates on a Friday or on the weekend. The one thing it does miss is table service at dinner. On Christmas Eve myself and a colleague walked in after a long day and the manager went the extra effort to find us a table despite it being chockers, small things like that keep you coming back.

    Cha Cha Char is a much better restaurant if you are after a more professional atmosphere to take a few clients to for a long business lunch. The Staff are great there also. However you pay a premium for the location.

  2. The Norman for sure! Picked up in the bus from the beef cattle pavilion at the EKKA by the manager, we didn’t line up to order, ordered straight from our table! Great steaks, great hospitality!

  3. The Norman hands down! Picked up in the bus at the beef cattle pavilion at the EKka by the manager, and we didn’t line up to order! Ordered straight at our table! Great steaks, great hospitality!

  4. Morrison Hands down. Norman is ok too but it’s a bit crap having to line up to order, get your own meals, line up for drinks.
    Morrison also has the best sauces, Mushroom is famously awesome but my favourite is the pepper.

  5. Fiasco’s (aka the Morrison)!!! Sooo gooood!! Rib on the bone, MR, Caesar potato and MUSHROOM sauce. Ha, can you tell I’m a regular?

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE Fiasco’s Steakhouse (at the Morrison Hotel!) Great selection of Craft on tap, a huge whisky list and a pretty great wine list too (although i wish it had a few more international brands.)

  7. Morrison Hotel for sure!! Awesome entrees as well – must have the calamari (with a blueberry and chilli dipping sauce) and the wood-fired pizza breads. YUM!

  8. The Morrison has the best steaks in Brisbane !! Amazing mushroom sauce and yummy in-house made desserts.

  9. The Morrison Hotel in Woolloongabba. Great steaks with and an amazing mushroom sauce.
    Not as expensive as the other places either.


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