Where is the best pub or bar in Brisbane?


Everyone has an opinion on their favourite pub or bar. So precisely where do you reckon is the best bar or pub for a brew in Brisbane?

There is a great number of unrelated components which can contribute to a great pub in Brisbane: a beer garden, a hotel restaurant… even a house beer. Whether you’re looking for an inn or something a little more classy… there’s plenty around to suit all likings.

But what matters is what you reckon is the best pub in Brisbane. Who takes the prize for Brisbane best pub in your books?



  1. for the best cocktails and Japanese menue check out the opulence of zuri bar and dinning in fortitude valley… gr8 djs too on the weekend

  2. I love Bank and Rics (current Rics, not the former skanky version)…Both versatile, guaranteed crowd and a fun night. Coffee Martinis at End Bar in West End are also fabulous, and Lark in Paddington for a romantic date.

  3. I’d say one of my favourites would have to be Hogan’s Wellington Point Hotel.
    Security is pretty good, the restaurant is nice, food is good,
    good music and awesome people.

  4. Archive for a weekday beer, X&Y for a good tune and cider and Kerbside to get away from it all. Brewhouse is sorely missed!

  5. The Indie Temple used to be the best.. That place is sorely missed! Ric’s is good, although i’ve heard rumours that it is closing down? 299 (SFX)WAS good until they started charging $10, even just to drink in the small downstairs area!