Where is the best place for discount clothes shopping in Brisbane?


There’s a lot of cheap shopping secrets in Brisbane to be uncovered. Whether it’s a factory outlet or a clothing store with prices which are unusually cheap for Brisbane, add your reliably cheap clothes stores in the comments below.

Maybe you know of some clothing stores which are great for discount kidwear in Brisbane. Kids clothing certainly isn’t as cheap as it used to be, so share your tips!

We’re also interested in any outlet shops which have great prices on designer clothing in Brisbane. Are there any shops like this which most people in Brisbane don’t seem to know about?

Share your tips for the best places for discount clothes shopping in Brisbane below.


  1. The store Barkins, located at Stones Corner is heaven. Great prices for the same items that you can find in Myer. I totally recommend that!

  2. I agree with Kara regarding Tightrope at Chermside. I managed to buy a total of 10 shirts from there, for a total of $30! Half the shirts were under $5, and have lasted me ages (not to mention their designs are great).


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