Where is the best hidden quiet place in Brisbane’s CBD?


If you’re experiencing a bad day and find yourself stuck in the CBD – which location do you escape to?

Is there a hidden pub or cafe that makes for a fantastic little chill out zone?

Maybe there’s a particular little spot of a particular garden around the city that’s excellent to chill out in.

Or maybe you’ve found a little location at a public building that is a good silent place of reflection.


  1. I like the Java Coast Cafe garden but recently discovered Chapter 2 further up Roma Street. Although not a garden, it’s a really lovely quiet spot for a coffee and doesn’t have the bustly feel of other coffee shops

  2. Back of St. Brigid’s church at red hill – awesome view of milton/CBD and sheltered from the traffic noises. Sweet place to watch the sunset too.

  3. When I used to work in the city, at lunch time I’d try to find a quiet area in any bookshop in the CBD. Either that or my office cubicle… or the toilet cubicle lol.

  4. Another vote for the courtyard at St Stephen’s Cathedral with the space just behind the bandstand in the Botanic Gardens a close second

  5. The Red Box at the State Lib of Qld is one of the most peaceful, scenic places in the city. Comfortable chairs, long seats people sometimes nap on.

  6. I agree about the Hilton Atrium. I also like looking down into the tiny garden behind the Customs House.

  7. I will agree with Kath – the Java Coast cafe is an oasis on George Street. On the other side of the CBD the best option is to get take away and head to the Botanic Gardens unless it is raining.

  8. I like the courtyard near the Cathedral of St Stephen too! It’s one of the few outdoor spaces that is smoke free. Sometimes I go there for a nap at lunch time if I’m really tired.

  9. In the back garden of the Java Coast Cafe on George St, just a shop or two down from the Dendy. It’s like you’re not even in the city.

  10. i love the little courtyard behind the Cathedral of St Stephen. it’s quiet, peaceful, and surprisingly isolated from the city humdrum that still screams only metres away beyond the courtyard walls and the adjacent buildings. when i worked in the CBD this was a calming little sanctuary to enjoy lunch or a coffee, in the sun, way from the perils of the CBD.

  11. Got to be the Atrium lobby bar at the very retro Brisbane Hilton. Its quiet and off the street. Great on hot days, the aircon is always very cool as is the cocktail list or tap beer. Free peanuts, wifi and newspers its more like the Qantas club. Look out for the $10 milkshake!