Where is Brisbane’s worst suburb for McMansions?


We’ve all seen certain suburbs of Brisbane which are appearing with miles upon miles of McMansions that seem clearly too enormous for any reasonably sized household. Your usual McMansion floor plans are usually more like a fortress than a home.

Critics bicker about their place in helping intelligent growth of communities. It’s better to have a modest house, they claim – especially in the housing market we’re looking at. However there’s a great deal of areas out there loaded with these styles of homes.

Possibly they’re on their way out of style – a cursory glance at sites like Realestate.com.au lists loads of McMansions for sale today.

So where’s the worst zone in Brisbane filled with Mc Mansions and why?


  1. Add Carindale to that list! The Country Club estate down the end of Scrub RD boasts hundreds of them all looking as if they’re trying to outdo the next.

  2. Has anyone seen [email protected]/red hill lately. Check out Wellington rd.

  3. ROBERTSON… everywhere you go somebody has a mansion. As a result a great percentage of the suburb looks ridiculous for what it is.