Where is Brisbane’s most strange, weird or unusual bar or pub?


We’re a city with more than a few one-of-a-kind bars. if you’re new to town, you’ve probably already visited Brisbane’s favourite bars, but there’s a few hidden away, more unusual bars out there as well. Which Brisbane pubs and bars do you rate as the most unusual and interesting?

Whether it’s around West End, the CBD, Southbank or somewhere a little more untraditional… there’s lots of uniquely Brisbane bars opening up around town. Which ones can you recommend, and what makes them so great?

Let us know in the comments below – where do you rate as the strangest, weirdest, unusual and most interesting bars in Brisbane?


  1. My fave weird and wonderful place has always been the Lychee Lounge in West End, gotta love that barbie doll head chandelier.

  2. ‘alloneword’ on Brunswick St is definitely a unique find, the strangest, weirdest and unusual thing about it is that I would never had known it was there if a friend had not told me about it.
    From the street I expected so little, there is just a small grey door with the token bouncer and rope, in lets face it, not the nicest part of the Valley.
    I liken my first visit to falling down the rabbit hole, which is ironic as I am told they used to have an Alice in Wonderland mural, which has since been replaced with some funky street art. What lay behind that door was truly an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The decor is fascinating, I don’t think there is a textile or texture that has not been utilised.
    There are two bars the first upon entry is a lounge bar, elegant yet relaxed, the second is what makes ‘alloneword’ stand apart. Although my first visit was during a torrential downpour, there was no mistaking the potential and charm of this venue.
    My second visit was the newly acquired “Jam night” the guys responsible for the successful Jam Nights at the Melbourne Hotel and The Chalk were in their second week at ‘alloneword’.
    At first the musical contributors and audience was a little light, so much so that I was inspired to attempt playing the ashiko drum, and discovered the only rhythm I can keep is with my feet! A little later the crowd started to expand and so did the talent, it was a great atmosphere the music was amazing and spanned the genres of Pop, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Rock & more.
    It is definitely worth the visit, I’ll be the one dancing…not playing the drum!


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