Where is your favourite place to shop in Brisbane?


If you want a relaxing shopping trip, there’s a number of Brisbane shopping streets that you could check out.

Many have a large number of retail stores in Brisbane, although other areas have a selection of boutique stores.

Which shopping centre do you think offers the best shopping in Brisbane?


  1. In.cube8r in the valley is a great gift shop full of handmade gifts made by locals. Always something new and great unique & affordable gifts.

  2. I agree with Ashton that Paddington is a delightful area to shop in Brisbane. I work at Jean & Joyce on Upper Latrobe Terrace; which is a tight-knit little family of boutiques that offers everything you could want to buy. I love shopping (and working) here!

  3. The best place to shop in Brisbane is Paddington- specifically upper Latrobe Terrace. I work here (at Thousand Island Dressing) and am always amazed by the community spirit of all the businesses in the area. Customers and staff alike are always lovely, chatty and very welcoming. Plus there are amazing cafes in the area too!