Where are you most likely to have a traffic accident in Brisbane?


Whether you’re driving in traffic or are merely a pedestrian or cyclist, there are some truly dangerous areas of traffic in Brisbane. Today we want to know where you are most likely to have a traffic accident in Sydney.

Perhaps there’s certain highways and roads where people tend to drive like complete maniac around your area. Do you reckon these are where people are most likely to have a traffic accident in Brisbane?

Or maybe there’s a series of traffic light signals or roads are laid out in a particular way. which means traffic accidents are merely waiting to happen in a particular part of Brisbane.

It could be that you’ve actually seen traffic accidents continually happening on certain Brisbane roads with your own eyes.

Let us know where you reckon people are most likely to have a traffic accident in Brisbane, and what we can do to fix the danger.


  1. Intersection of Southern Cross Way and Fison Ave. 90% of people ignore the stop sign and I just saw another accident happen (there’s at least one happen there per week)

  2. -Denmac Ford roundabout, Indooroopilly (no give way whatsoever)
    -Coronation Drive (tailgating and sudden left turns)
    -Western Freeway/Toowoong roundabouts (avoid at all costs)
    -any double land road/highway with a speed limit of 80km+ (people are either 20k under or 20k over)

  3. The Beaudesert Road / Logan Motorway interchange is a nightmare. The off ramps for one direction are the on ramps for the other direction and cars are ducking and weaving trying to change lanes. There are hold-ups nearly every morning and accidents are common. It is the worst designed bit of road I have to negotiate daily.

  4. This is a typicaly inane Brisbane question as it is not clear wether it is from the pedestrian or motorist point of view.
    History shows that stupidy cannot be legislated against, although it seems the stupid keep electing stupid politicians, who keep making stupid legislation.
    Hey state gov. why not spend some of the traffic infringement income on a continuing publicity campaign to make citizens more aware of their obligations in regard to road safety as either pedestrians or motorists.

  5. I personally think that all junctions in Brisbane are dangerous. I believe that most drivers think that there are no rules at all. I witness several near misses every day. Come on Brisbane we live in a great city but the roads are not going to get quieter let’s be more mindful of all road users.

  6. Cnr of Melbourne & grey streets south Brisbane – cars running red lights andcstreams of buses on top of confusing signage. There have already been a few deaths there and the buses keep running red lights

  7. Cnr of Lacey and Telegraph Roads, Bald Hills. Intersection is right on the level crossing; it’s rated as one of the worst deathtraps in the state by RACQ and little wonder why.

  8. Toowong roundabouts, either one, corner of Milton, Miskin, Frederick and Mt Coot-tha Road or the Western Freeway – both lethal and within 200 metres of each other!

  9. As a pedestrian the Edward/Adelaide Intersection can be crazy. The man goes green and people still zoom through the lights – really bad considering people cross at every direction!


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