Where is Brisbane’s most dangerous place?


Without getting too grim, where’s somewhere in Brisbane that you’re usually a little uneasy about visiting?

It need not be an entire area – it could be there’s a markedly dodgy bar, road or vicinity that you frequently avoid.

Share any cautionary tales you have and let everyone know. Keep it fun, though, we’re not here to depress everyone :)

Note: keep it respectful – any racist comments will be deleted.


  1. idk bout south side but on northside a lot of pine rivers like lawnton, kallangar, bray park, strathpine and some parts of petrie
    further up dakabin
    also sandgate sometimes, braken ridge, sometimes bald hills, sometimes carseldine , zillmere, aspley (aspley acres, alpha caravan parks) and chermside can be only because of westfield
    albany creek, stafford, enoggera can all be a bit dodgey
    bowen hills (the trains station is where trains get graffed so graffiti artist hang around at the station sometimes), the valley (commonly mistaken for being dangerous all the time but only really during the night, CBD sometimes
    brisbane is a very safe city and u have to look for trouble in brisbane it doesnt come to u…often
    a lot of the suburbs over 20 years old
    but to answer ur question my brother is a cop in brisbane and has been moved all round the northside and he says the worst place he has been is zillmere

  2. The valley for sure !!! Who wants to be in the Valley after twelve anyway, isn’t that when all the drunken wankers crawl out from uner their rock?

  3. I agree with Nic – any cabline after 2am… particularly when the queue turns on those attempting to jump it. I’d want a shark cage if I was a cabline security officer in the valley.
    Bus queues outbound from CBD on a Friday afternoon have a similar vibe…

  4. There’s a sinister muttering man who hangs around the whole Davies Park, riverside area of West End. He’s probably harmless, but makes a girl on her lonesome very nervous when he follows her along muttering; “Mrrrmmmph ranmmf fucken’ ranmmmf rannnaff brmmmft fucken’ brmmft”.

  5. I can’t say that there is anywhere that makes me nervous in Brisbane. I have lived here my whole life and I have also done a lot of travelling around the world. Brisbane is a big teddy bear compared to some places!