Where are the best bike paths and trails in Brisbane?


If you are a bicycle freak in Brisbane, you’ve likely implanted a map in your head of the best bike routes in inner Brisbane.

Maybe you’ve recently bought a shiny bicycle from a neighbourhood bike store and are keen to explore some suburban bicycle paths. Yet where are the supreme Brisbane¬†cycling trails which everyone deserves to try out?


  1. It has to be the Kedron Brook Cycleway – 120kms or more of safe bike paths – all the way from Arana Hills to Scarborough. There are loads of other places to ride out Samford way but on road – very pretty though and no traffic if you go early. Try Samford to Dayboro.

  2. I enjoy the scenic ride from Eight Mile Plains to Carindale and Murarrie via the Bulimba Creek Bikeway

  3. A lot of people ar familiar with the “riverloop” but there is a great little add on if you turn left at the roundabout after St Lucia golf course and then follow the road all the way to the boat ramp. The shoulder is nice and wide and not many cars.