Where is the best pub quiz night in Brisbane?


Pub trivia is a weekly event for loads of groups of mates. It’s free in Brisbane, the ideal chance to get together mid-week – but spotting the best Brisbane pub trivia quiz night can be tough.

There are many kinds of Brisbane trivia night – from sport trivia to a general knowledge quiz night. Perhaps it’s the prize that’s worth competing for.

We all have our quiz night of choice – so where is your preferred pub trivia night bar in Brisbane, and why is it great?


  1. Harry’s Trivia has 11 venues a week in Brisbane- all lots of fun and great cash prizes!
    MONDAYS – Brunswick Hotel, New Farm
    TUESDAYS – Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point
    TUESDAYS – Brunswick Hotel, New Farm
    WEDNESDAYS – Norman Park Bowls, Norman Park
    WEDNESDAYS – New Farm Bowls Club, New Farm
    WEDNESDAYS – Lord Stanley Hotel, East Brisbane
    WEDNESDAYS – Copperface Jacks, West End
    WEDNESDAYS = Hotel Metropole, Ipswich
    THURSDAYS – Norman Park Bowls, Norman Park
    THURSDAYS – Gallopers Sports Club, Ascot
    THURSDAYS – Bellbowrie Tavern, Bellbowrie

  2. Stafford Tavern. We never caught our breath on Monday night. First timers. The host takes the absolute piss and the we all loved it. Went to a Harrys and a Quiz meisters over past month, they invest more in the I.T side of things but Stafford’s bite is much bigger.

  3. Ben & Jodie, it is great that you have found a Trivia Night that you love – that is all anyone is looking for. I would like to say that my Harry’s Trivia night at the Brunswick Hotel on Monday nights also has the crowd clapping at the end of the night, and has done so every Monday night since 1999! Trust me, we do not fall into the category of ‘stiff & stale competition’.
    Enjoy your quizzing!

  4. We have been to several, but Monday Nights at the Stafford Tavern-hands down the most entertaining. When the crowd are clapping at the end of the night, need anyone say more. No need for vested interests to comment about their best friend’s trivia hosting, we didn’t know this night from a bar of soap and we have not seen anywhere else that comes close. You want a laugh? Go to the Stafford, you want stiff, stale competition, go elsewhere.

  5. I have met her a couple of times before Matt that is all and a few of the people that play each week have said ” she’s a fun host, who interacts with everyone and keeps it interesting”. It’s just a statement of judgement by myself and others. If you don’t believe me you will just have to go check it out for yourself!

  6. Stones Corner Hotel has Trivia on Tuesdays. They just recently brought n $5House Specials which is great and their prizes include Venue Vouchers, a Weekly Cash Jackpot + they have free giveaways. Manelle’s the weekly host who’s lovely. I’d definitely recommend it, questions keep you on your toes!

  7. Recently tried Stafford tavern on a Monday night was made to feel very welcome by both host and other participants. My favorite is however Wednesday night at Wynn um manly leagues club on a Wednesday night

  8. You can play Harry’s Trivia here –
    MONDAYS – Brunswick Hotel, New Farm – 7.30pm
    WEDNESDAYS – Norman Park Bowls, Norman Park – 7.30pm
    WEDNESDAYS – New Farm Bowls, New Farm – 7.30pm
    THURSDAYS – Norman Park Bowls, Norman Park – 7.30pm
    THURSDAYS – New Farm Bowls, New Farm – 7.30
    Since 1998, we have held 4000 trivia shows and given away over $820,000 in cash and prizes!