Where is Brisbane’s best place for lunch in the CBD?


Time to let everyone in on the greatest places for your lunch hour in Brisbane CBD.

There’s lots of Brisbane dining alternatives for your lunch eats. Is there a cafe in Brisbane CBD that you like to visit often? One of the oodles of best restaurants in the CBD with a lunch menu that always has you returning for more? Let’s create a dining guide of first-class Brisbane lunch tips for everyone!

So: where are the best Brisbane lunch spots and why?


  1. Green Door Cafe and Gallery. Awesome foods great service with a smile and humor, and they have an art gallery where artists exhibit their master pieces! Oh and the coffee is divine!

  2. I’d have to say KFC in the Myer Centre. The slowest moving lines and the most disinterested staff. Grand nuggets though, even if the dill behind the counter forgets your dipping sauce.

  3. it’s expensive-ish ($30-40 mains) but if you want to impress someone (a business client for example) then Ecco at the valley end of adelaide street. Best restaurant in Brisbane. The food is incredible and worth every cent.

  4. I would have to say my favourite is Java Coast Cafe in George Street, a couple of doors down from the old Dendy.

    Not only is the food delicious, and they have a whole host of teas available, but the garden out the back is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets. I love to escape down there in my lunch break for an hour of calm in a busy day. It’s like a little green oasis.