Where is Brisbane’s best Indian restaurant?


curry_mediumGood Indian restaurants can be hard to find – especially if you’re craving a particuarly good Tandoori meal.

Vegetarian eaters are always well catered for at Indian restaurants in Brisbane, too – no wonder they’re so popular.

So when you’re after a spicy curry in Brisbane, either at home or delivered, where do you go? Share your tips!


  1. Best Indian I have come across, outside of India, is Spice Valley chaat cafe, Nundah st, Nundah. Authentic street food. I eat there several times a week and it is always outstanding. I recommend thali, dosa and the various puri dishes but you seriously can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. All meals are vegetarian and you can eat in or takeaway. Staff are friendly, service is efficient. When you leave, your mouth will be in masala heaven! :)

  2. The best indians is at oxley, Bashori Indian. I use to go there 3 times a week when I live walking distance. The best butter chicken ever and no other resturant comes close. Also true indian heat none of this aussie heat, if you want it hot you will get it eye watering, nose running hot!

  3. The Spice Avenue in Birkdale is hands down the best Indian in Brisbane. Out in the ‘burbs but well worth the drive out there, especially if you’re a Pom!

  4. Can’t find a better Indian than Indian Apetite on Patricks Road, Ferny Hills. While waiting, I’ve talked to others who come from the other side of the city for this place. Well worth the visit!

  5. My boyfriend and I buy from Sultan’s Kitchen (I think in Clayfield, but they have several different store locations) at least once a week. They are a bit pricier ($20 meals including naan bread, rice and enough of a meal for really two meals), but we can’t find anywhere that lives up to the reputation.
    In fact, we order so much from them that we don’t even need to say who is calling (they know us by our voice). We just ring up and literally say “the usual please”, and within 15 minutes they are at the door delivering it.
    They had a new staff member a few weeks back who took our order, and got completely confused when we didn’t tell them our name or delivery location. The next time we rang up and got her on the phone, she knew even what we wanted to order without us telling her – she obviously had a talking to by the boss.
    They are great. Seriously just try it out.

  6. My vote also goes to the Indian Kitchen in West End. Mango Chicken everytime. And the best way to eat: outside in Vulture Street so you can greet your fiends and family.

  7. Moti Mahal at Everton Park has absolutely the best food. So many other Indian places offer homogeneous slop, but Moti has awesome flavours that are always fresh.

  8. I agree. Their food is beyond compare

    RJ: No way!!! You cant beat the Indian Kitchen in West End. Average price is $7 for a feed that is guaranteed to fill! My recommendation: Mango Chicken with Nann Bread. Cannot top it, trust me!

  9. Yes RJ! Indian kitchen all the way! But go the chicken or vegie korma – if you like mild, but extremely tasty curries, or you think that you’re not a curry person, this is the temptress that will lure you to the curry side. You’ll get fed and happy for less $10.

  10. No way!!! You cant beat the Indian Kitchen in West End. Average price is $7 for a feed that is guaranteed to fill! My recommendation: Mango Chicken with Nann Bread. Cannot top it, trust me!

  11. Govindas in the city, on Elizabeth Street is awesome. Those Hare Krishna’s do amazing food that is good for the body, mind and soul !

  12. Kuma on Orange Grove Road at Coopers Plains. Holy moley that plays has good food.

    I do also like Club India in Elizabeth Street in the CBD.

  13. Absolutely the best I’ve ever had is Mughal Palace on Logan Road at Mount Gravatt.
    The Butter Chicken is to die for, but my absolute favourite is the Paneer Shahi Masala.
    Every other Indian restaurant I’ve tried since finding Mughal Palace has sadly not lived up to the standard at Mughal Palace.


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