Where does Brisbane need new public transport?


Depending on who you ask, Brisbane’s public transport system is either world class or needs improvement.

So where can we add to Brisbane’s public transport system? Where do we need additional buses?

Maybe that we need a totally new method of public transport yet to be used in Brisbane. Add your ideas in comments.


  1. To the Port of Brisbane – Lytton area and over the river at Eagke Farm-Pinkenba- TradeCoast Central. AustraliaTradeCoast is Queensland’s second largest employment area (second to the CBD) with 1500 businesses and 60,000 workers and there is woeful public transport to the area.

  2. Inner city train loop dutton park qut valley central red hill regatta hotel west end dutton park ps run a bus to the airport

  3. There needs to be separate buses for School Children, I am sick and tired of children packing into the 460 bus in the afternoon and not letting older people take a seat and the general loud, obnoxious language.

    Plus there needs to be a better system put in place for Buses in Inala, one bus an hour isn’t good enough, especially if the buses don’t come on time [they leave a stop early] or do not turn up at all!

  4. school buses are what we need. All the shires around have them but in brisbane city council area they are almost non-existent. look at all the traffic that stops in the school holidays because people are not dropping kids to school. Safe, cheap and kids only school buses will help everyone by reducing congestion in the mornings. Don’t let them get off elsewhere (eg MacDonalds) and have lots of stops around the suburbs, ID required, drivers with blue cards, etc, so that parents will be confident to let their kids take public transport.

  5. Easy bro. A new line of metro!!!
    Take a map, Central station is the middle of a circle of 5km.
    And the circle is the new line in Brisbane.
    And like this, during the night no happy valley will be happy but also all the others places in Brisbane…
    Be a DJ with a computer.

  6. Why is there only one service that goes across the city – the Great Circle route? There seems to be an obsession with everyone having to travel into the city hubs before they can go out along another route, which jams up the central nodes. Why not use smaller ‘high-top’ buses to go across the city. Try going from Yeerongpilly to Annerley on public transport… Ha!

  7. more bus services around Burpengary suburbs, it is only providing very limited service. Only bus service is to and from train station to shopping centre,otherwise have to walk so far to catch train or bus just to go anywhere.

  8. Along major roads, yep, just a shuttle that goes up and down the major roads. Don’t need to know a bus number or route or stop, just hail, say the Waterworks Rd bus and, WOW, it goes along Waterworks Rd.

  9. Definitely need better public transport to and from Greenslopes Private Hospital. We have found that it is nonexistent unless you walk a distance up a hill. Impossible for elderly people with medical problems and let’s face it….. That is why they are required to visit there.!!!!

  10. I think if the 310 bus route were a little more standardised it’d be great. I live in Brighton, and can’t get a bus to mine at night. Unless I catch the 690 Redcliffe one from the station, and that’s not even every hour. So the night link 310 should come to Brighton.

    Also, the weekday bus times are pretty good – but I mainly use them on the weekends. And they stop around 4pm. So pretty much whenever I would use public transport they’re not running. So, my thought is toward making buses run every hour for weekends and go to the end of the line for nightlink. Specifically for the 310, but in any area that does this.

  11. Uq Late at night when there is exam block – I keep getting stranded at the soce science library after 9.30, and walking a km isn’t practical at that time of night.

    Also, wakerley in general, particularly greencamp road.

  12. Along the full length of Fairfield Road needs buses. The trains suck (packed to the gills in peak hour) and the one feeder bus service is too sporadic. The others only go as far as Fairfield Gardens, when they need to go all the way to Rocklea.

  13. Indooroopilly bus exchange is a nightmare – the infrastructure can’t handle the increase in services so there is now a constant line of buses or worse buses using the wrong platforms.

    Recently. they have moved a couple of the bus lines out of the actual interchange to a new stop across the street – which has no cover or lighting and only one bench… The signs and timetable displays in the interchange is disgraceful and in desperate need of an upgrade.

    I don’t think we need a new transport system, just an overall of what we have in place so that it works effectively – there is no point in putting on extra services when the problem is that what we have isn’t working.

  14. Wynnum to the city. Limited choice of buses times are terrible – it’s ridiculous. Plenty of us have childen to drop at school but regular peak hour buses stop at 815. Come on… We’re dropping kids off then. How about run peak hour every fifteen minutes until 9am

  15. The 222 service hasn’t improved at all. Since the new eastern busway opened we’re supposed to have a service every 10 minutes in peak and it fails to make that time. Some days the bus doesn’t even show up yet the other prepaid buses on route to the city are constantly coming. I get incredibly angry to see those who rock up get on a bus straight away while I wait 20 minutes for a bus that may not show and when it does it’s packed and people are left behind.

  16. Stanley Road, Carina and most routes on a Sunday and after pm. It’s quite frightening waiting in bus shelters for up to an hour and then walking several blocks from drop off to home on an unfamiliar route