Where do you refuse to go in Brisbane, through personal principle, safety or other reasons?


We all love living in Brisbane, but some parts of town or particular buildings seem particularly unpopular with locals. Whether it’s a matter of principle or simply somewhere you feel extremely unsafe, we’ve all got a few places in Brisbane that we never step foot in. Which places to visit in Brisbane do you make a point of avoiding, and what are your reasons?

As an example, although many people think the Treasury Casino is one of the top cool places in Brisbane for an extravagant night out; many others make a point of avoiding the casino completely on principle. Perhaps there’s also a new development or shopping complex in one of the top suburbs in Brisbane, which you make a point of avoiding completely as it doesn’t fit in with the local area.

Whether it’s bad areas of Brisbane or simply somewhere that you disagree with, which places and areas of Brisbane will you never visit and why?


  1. That coffee cart that replaced the old one in New Farm Park. BNothing against the new people but the other ones that were there were there first and the council hasn’t even done anything with it yet. I think it’s pathetic of the council to make the others leave only to replace it with another van.

    A disgrace.


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