Where are the best places to buy cheap work attire in Brisbane?


Sometimes when you score a killer job interview, or just need to dress up in work gear on a once-off occasion, you need to find cheap work attire in Brisbane at short notice. Who can you recommend for particularly cheap work outfits in Brisbane?

There’s a number of cheap clothes and workwear stores which specialise in specific areas, too. For example, have you spotted any decent Brisbane stores which specialise in work dresses and womens clothing for the workplace?

When it comes to work clobber, let us know the best places to go for inexpensive clothes shopping in Brisbane in the comments below.


  1. cheapest women’s workwear: Paper & Sissors, Temt, Target (under $40)
    middle of the range: Tokito (Myer), Portmans, Jacqui E ($40+)
    Expensive: Cue, Witchery, David Jones ($150+)


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