What’s your favourite restaurant in West End?


It’s time for a restaurant review. Thinking about food restaurants in West End, where is the greatest?

No matter where you are checking out Boundary St in West End, you’ll notice top cuisine – whether it’s one of the top 10 restaurants in West End or numerous cafes in West End.

Help us create a guide to dining in West End underneath.


  1. Too many to choose from! Depo is gorgeous, Caravanserai is a long-time love, Gun Shop does great brunch, Three Monkeys does the best cake and Lefkas is budget-friendly brilliance!

  2. Kim Thanh restaurant!!! Ask for the head Chef Bao to organise something for you. You won’t regret it. Must have the chicken with kai lan suace, and their soft shell crabs are amazing!!! He also makes the nicest fish dishes you’ve ever tasted.

  3. I agree with Bhavin regarding Punjabi Palace. The food is delicious, very good serving sizes, and relatively cheap.
    P.S. Have you been upstairs at PP? The walls are completely hand painted, and are absolutely amazing. You could stare at them for hours.

  4. Quan Thanh is a classic favourite for me. Love the vermicelli salads there. I wish I’d had a chance to try Ouzeri before I moved to Victoria though. Everyone raves about it!