What store from the US does Brisbane need most?


Brisbane has come a long way as far as shopping is concerned, but there are still a few gaps for certain retailers and products. If you’ve visited the US recently, you’ll know the feeling – there’s particular clothing and chain stores over there which would be gangbusters for Brisbane.

What’s the one US store you wish Brisbane had that it doesn’t at the moment? It might be a boutique US retailer or exclusive fashion outlet, or maybe a seller of funky furniture. We all keep hearing about how much we wish Uniqlo and H&M would open up in Brisbane – are there any others you love?

This is especially the case if you regularly buy products online from particular retailers in the US, and have them shipped to you in Brisbane. How much better would it be if that retailer was based here in the river city?

Let us know: which US store chain would love to see someone set up here in Brisbane?



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