What kind of tourist attraction is missing from Brisbane?


touristBrisbane holds its own as an international tourism destination, but maybe we can do even better.

Is there a type of tourist attraction which just seems to be flat-out missing from Brisbane streets? What attraction would see more people travel to Brisbane?

Put on your Minister for Tourism hat and share your ideas.


  1. * More Fringe festivals, too conservative around here, get funky, get quirky, lighten up, and get down
    * Better eateries at Southbank definitely, horrible fast food take-away with regular food poisoning, has to change!!
    * Zoo not a good idea, leave the poor animals alone and find more human creativity #yesteryear
    * CBD has no decent markets, very boring on weekends in there, agree
    * Public transport not tourist friendly, and about to get worse with Newman’s cuts in July
    * King George Square has music, but desperately needs art, corners, trees, stuff….looks like a tarmac.
    * City cats are the best !
    * best parts of Bris are decentralized eg powerhouse, davies park markets, etc, so what about a tour (s) / weekend that incorporates those ?!

  2. As a visitor who lived in Brisbane for 3 years, I think Brisbane lacks tourist destinations that are close to the CBD. Tourists need to travel for a few hours to visit places e.g. Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Straddie and Sunshine Coast. I would suggest Brisbane to promote their local suburbs as tourist destinations e.g. Paddington (very cute and feminine side of Brisbane) or even suburbs like Bulimba and New Farm that have a solid restaurant and cafe culture. Melbourne is doing so well at this with the arty Collingwood/Fitzroy, shopping at South Yarra and the St Kilda Beach. I love Brisbane, and they should embrace the convenience of public buses, trains and ferries taking tourists locally and potentially take suburbs of Brisbane international tourist attractions!!

  3. Sam – that is a good idea also – but if they built a city zoo you can be sure they’d build it miles out of the city
    like southbank is that is a white elephant any way
    If there were heaps of free shuttles running back and forwrd to soutbank and there were many more features there we might actually HAVE a city
    Why can’t they develop the north bank so we have a city and fill it with cenemas and restaurants and cafes and a zoo

  4. A City – Brisbane is quite apthetic and consists of just a few streets
    There is no Town square with fountain or markets
    No places historic to see
    No statues complete with history to show relatives here from overseas
    No glorious ol cinemas or new cinemas decked out to take them to
    No tower or opera house or cafes by the river
    and Southbank is miles over the OTHER side of the city
    even Melbourne southbank is a short walk across a short bridge and part of the city
    There’s no lovely cafes much
    We stayed in the city to see if we could put our words to the test and there was absolutely nothing to
    do in there except a stroll down to and through the gardens
    Sydney has a beautiful market in the basement of DJ’s with a choice of international bars to choose to
    at – nothing like that here
    Melbourne has heaps of gardens, and the Queen Victoria markets, cafes everywhere
    a river lined with restaurants and cafes and beautiful old cinemas
    I love living in Brisbane/Queensland but it has nothing here to feel a part of
    Even over at Southbank where is too separated from the city – the cafes along the river are pretty
    poor and it’s all too wide spread which not much there

  5. Brisbane needs a free tourist bus service. We remain the ONLY capital in Australia who doesn’t offer one (except Darwin) The free services in place are set up for the business end of the city and aren’t really useful. Perth even offers free bus travel on any bus within the boundary of the CBD.
    This service would make it easier to acces our major tourist attractions at Southbank, and could connect with ferry stops for new farm park. It should also include Kangaroo Pt cliffs area.

  6. What Brisbane needs is a big ugly expensive ferris wheel that has a view who’s only redeeming feature is that you can’t see a big ugly ferris wheel from it.

    Oh Wait…

  7. A city zoo like Taronga. We could have it in a corner of the city botanic
    gardens, if only small it would encourage more families to use the gardens and transport systems that we have in place.

  8. We need a zoo – like taronga, Melbourne, Adelaide etc . The closest you get is an hours drive north or south and all privately owned. From a tourist point of view…families and overseas tourists this is an essential drawcard

  9. Southbank needs to go all the way and put an “outback experience” attraction right next to the “beach” and the “rainforest”.

  10. What is currently missing is a genuinely outrageous local and internationally represented Fringe Theatre Festival.

    The B09 Under The Radar is not a Fringe in the sense that the Adelaide, Edinburgh, Toronto, etc etc Fringe Festivals are. Under the Radar is part of the official Brisbane Festival, curated by the powers-that-be, full of interesting stuff but not the kind of mayhem mixed with magic one gets at a genuine, uncurated, madcap happening that results when the artists themselves just rock up and make it happen.

    So what are you waiting for, Brisbane? Venues willing to host independent, fringe theatre for little or no cost?

    I can assure you, they do exist. Contact me…


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