What is your favourite cheat code for driving around Brisbane?


Highway traffic conditions are usually bad enough in Brisbane if you don’t really know a few shortcuts here and there… so today we’re looking for the best cheat codes for driving in Brisbane.

Don’t worry, the readership of Brisbanism is nowhere near big enough to give away your secrets for avoiding bad road and travel conditions! We’re just after those little-known tricks when driving and road conditions go bad, especially near the CBD.

Whether it’s a rat run through some back streets, alternate routes to take during particularly busy times of day or simply an ingenious route you’ve learnt to drive, share your tips in the comments below. Your fellow Brisbane commuters will thank you…


  1. Cycling is by far the best “cheat code” for dealing with traffic. Even riding at a relaxed pace on paths, footpaths, and avoiding traffic by taking quiet back streets.


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