What is the weirdest tourist attraction in Brisbane?


For Brisbane locals, the city’s charms are self-evident, but place yourself in the shoes of a visitor to our city.  Without a Big Banana, Big Pineapple or similarly weird, large, inanimate object, tourists here must ask themselves: What to do in Brisbane? Where to go in Brisbane?

Beyond our city’s world-class restaurants, bars and culture, what are our city’s best tourist attractions? Which do you think is the most popular tourist attraction? Are there any particularly strange ones you’ve heard of?

Have you climbed the Story Bridge or do your instincts for self-preservation prevent you from scaling enormous structures?  Maybe you’ve been on some interesting tours in Brisbane, learnt a little about its history and been entertained by a great guide.

In Brisbane places to go aren’t scarce but sometimes you need to look a little harder to find the  most exciting ones – help us find Brisbane’s weirdest tourist attraction below.


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