What is the most disrespectful behaviour you’ve seen in Brisbane?


Unfortunately, we once in a while see disrespectful behaviour in Brisbane – most often from disrespectful kids.

Not all of us understand how to handle rude children. What is the most rude thing you’ve seen in Brisbane?


  1. Brisbanism!!!
    asking people to go down to the level of other disrespectful people by disrespecting them,
    What are you doing to fix it? stop gossiping…..

  2. Bogans in old Commodores with ‘Love it or leave’ stickers on the back of the car, Southern Cross tattoos chucking McDonalds wrappers out their window…Disgusting and disrespectful.

    The other one that erks me really bad is smokers flicking their butts into the gutter…where do they think they actually go?!

  3. I saw an obviously drunk guy hit a woman in the face and then swing at the police when they arrived. Happened near the Valley train station.

  4. Anna Bligh in her concession speech, not apologizing for her disgraceful accusations against Campbell Newman and his family.