What is the best hangover cure in Brisbane?


We’ve all been there. The pounding headache, the mouth that tastes like someone’s dumped an entire ashtray on your tongue, the stomach that’s threatening to leap out of your body via your mouth – yep, you’ve got a hangover.

But what do you do in Brisbane when you’ve got the hangover from hell? Head to a cafe for a fried breakfast? Go straight to the pub for a hair-of-the-dog hangover remedy? Or just lie quietly whimpering under a shady tree in the park?

No matter whether your hangover cure is nibbling dry toast in your own kitchen or sweating it out by mountain biking down Mt Coot-tha, it’s time for you to tell us the best way to cure a hangover in Brisbane. It can be practical, weird or wonderful. But please don’t say slamming down some raw eggs like Rocky – we don’t think OUR own hangover could cope…


  1. A large icy cold glass of coca cola or 3. Which was originally advertised as a hang over cure. It has the bubbles to settle the stomach, icy cold for the blood pressure & it has caffeine to pick you up again!

  2. Nando’s – let the chilli set you straight and order the extra hot basting…it’s not as hardcore as it sounds, trust me.

    Regular size chips are $3.95 – if you dine in, 3/4 of your plate will be filled with potato and the rest will be whatever else you’ve ordered…IF it fits.

    Or get a Boost juice, you’ll be right.


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