What is the best gay bar, club or hotel in Brisbane?


Being gay in Brisbane is great with our selection of gay bars and clubs, but where is your favourite?

It doesn’t matter if your gay scene in Brisbane is a laid back beverage with some bears or you want to rave until morning… there’s probably a gay venue for you in Brisbane. But which are the greatest gay places in Brisbane, and why?


  1. Club TnA at the Spring Hill Hotel (100 Leichardt St, Spring Hill). Runs fortnightly. Next event 14/10/11 830pm onwards. New lesbian bar. Check out Facebook page for more info

  2. I like the Beat because it’s a big club with lots of people (even if many of them seem to be straight most weekends).The Wickham seems to be a ‘gayer’, smaller gay bar. Scarlet is a fun once-a-month lesbian club at St Pauls.

  3. In my opinion, The Beat Megaclub is the best, but only because it has a number of different dancefloors and areas so if you don’t like the music in one room you can go to another!