What is Brisbane’s worst shopping centre and why?


shopping_trolleyYou’ve spoken loud and clear on Twitter… the “best shopping centre” question earlier this week was obviously the wrong choice of words.

So let’s get down to what really matters here – warning other Brisbane residents about the worst shopping centres in Brisbane.

There’s a few obvious choices… but maybe you should ward others away from some local terrible areas as well.


  1. Stafford City easily the worst as a fundrasier, full of cranky over 50’s and places don’t even take card!

    Mt Gravatt Plaza a close second.

    Both of these places make me wanna kill myself

  2. It has to be Cannonhill. It’s old, dirty and even the Hungry Jacks there refuses to buy newspapers because they’re so cheap. It’s just a filthy, shoddy ramshackle that needs to be torn down.

  3. Another vote for Cannon Hill Shopping Centre which we affectionately call ‘dirt mall’. What is going to happen with the creators of Emporium put in East Village across the street… it will be like New Farm on one side of the street, Inala on the other.

  4. Toombul otherwise knows as ‘Scumbul’. No more David Jones means almost no reason to go there. It’s so very, very old. And shite.

  5. Cannon Hill Plaza and Save City are quite depressing. Not much on offer at all and the clientele are basically government statistics.

  6. Chermside= Far too big. Makes shoppping stressful and not a good experience. Need to have the stamina of a marathon runner to get around. Paying for parking does not help

  7. Toowong village for sure, its so ugly and theres really nothing in there of interest…
    Carindale has the worst food court of the westfields… terrible food outlets

  8. Toombul, it’s old, it smells, there’s not much left there and it’s horribly depressing. It need a major overall or bulldozing, whatever works

  9. Have to agree with Brisfem I also say Chermside Shopping Centre except for extending it all one level they should have built on top of the older part.

  10. Chermside Shopping Centre. It’s way too big. Need a cut lunch to get from your car to the shops. Now with paid parking, it will be worse. I will never frequent that shopping centre. Lots of smaller ones in close proximity. You now have to pay for the privilege of shopping there, They can go jump.

  11. The one out at Inala makes me glad I don’t believe in souls. If I did I’d fear that it could be trapped there forever.

  12. Definitely Toowong.
    Not just the worst shopping centre, architecturally and environmentally one of Brisbane’s worst buildings. A poor beacon for a time when the slick glass box was not the massive no no it is in sub tropical environment today. I would volunteer to demolish that dump.
    Ok, so if you missed it Toowong Shopping Centre sux.

  13. Ooh, I was going to say Logan Hyperdome (why do the ‘Hyperdomes’ across Australia insist on building their centres far too far south of anything, and then allowing them to fall into a such a state of disrepair that newcomers assume it hasn’t finished being built yet?) – but I’m totally changing my vote to Toowong Village. Kath nailed it.

  14. I hate the layout of Toowong Village. It’s so bloody hard to remember where everything is with that higgledy-piggledy layout!

  15. Eagleby Plaza and Beenleigh Market place as they are dead, full of lifeless zombies, smell and lack colour/ life


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