Where is the worst pub in Brisbane?


There’s a decided difference between an fantastically questionable pub and a obviously repulsive pub. We’ve all noticed a few culprits around Brisbane.

We’re not talking classy bars in Brisbane. What’s the single worst of the Brisbane clubs and bars you’ve been to?


  1. I’m going to concur with the Normanby. The Alex Hills is far worse but well out of the city so I’m not sure if it counts

  2. Taigum tavern is one of the worst I’ve been too. Place used to be a maccas and they should have left it that way, would’ve had more class.

  3. The pubs at Nundah have always attracted a low brow crowd. I lived near the Crown at Lutwych for a while and that was as dive. But by far the worst pub in Brisbane is the pub at Pinkenbah – original run down 70’s decor and a clientelle who aspire to be bogans, but they may not achieve it in this lifetime.

  4. Tank Hotel would rate as Qld worst pub. Hardly any beer on tap except Coopers…go figure? Atmosphere is non existence, meals are like food court quality and they charge like your on the waterfront. Never again.

  5. Def the sunnybank hotel cnr mains road – across from market square.

    depressing , bunch of moronic looking gamblers grace this bar adding to the dark mood
    througout, cheesy furniture , zero atmosphere , and zero people.

    I dont think they are getting the point that it is a hole

  6. Don’t know why the victory was on that list, I love it!
    I think the worst place I have been would be the Lock Inn in the valley – pretty grotty, and alot of feral people there.

  7. The Sunnybank Rugby Union club … Oh man ! Rascist , Ignorant locals . Mad gambling . The managers are as rascist and ignorant as the locals . Its odd , cos its quite a nice , peaceful area ; and very multicultural .. Market Square has great food … but , that Rugby Union club is a nightmare … Avoid .

  8. Witnessing Union Jacks is like watching pigs at a trough.

    The Down Under Bar! You can’t walk a metre without being groped by  a stranger.

  9. I’d have to say the Normanby because of the tosser crowd, rude incompetent staff and overall environment.  Oh and I must mention that there are far too many fat young girls wearing lycra and exposing muffin tops that really really shouldn’t!!!

  10. hands down the worst pub in Brisbane is the Alexandra Hills Hotel – tacky nightclub, always fights & under-age drinkers! I defy anyone to top that!!!

  11. The Royal English in Nundah. Close second the Prince of Wales also located in Nundah. (the only two pubs in the area)

    Worst pub in metropolitan Brisbane: Union Jacks in the city.