What is Brisbane’s most awesome building or structure?


42-16397255This is a city known for its architecture… some buildings more famous than others.

Everyone’s got their own personal favourite structures – perhaps it’s a classic older building, or maybe an example of modern architecture.

What’s your favourite building or structure in Brisbane?


  1. Central Plaza One. A beautiful, elegant shape, and it always reflects the sky. And its top turns round!

  2. City Hall! I can’t wait til it reopens later this year. It just has this lovely atmosphere of local history and grandeur.

  3. 1. The old Museum.
    2. Any of the dark brown brick electrical sub-stations dotted around Brisbane. One is on Enoggera Rd at Newmarket.
    3. The Storey Bridge

    Those picking the GOMA need to get their prescriptions checked.

  4. I’m jumping the gun as still under construction – but the new ABC building in South Brisbane will be impressive – watch that space. GOMA is also stunning… teams with the theme on southbank cultural strip.

  5. Brisbane Square is great! From a distance it looks like there was a kink in the plans and no one noticed and built it the way it said in the plans.

  6. My Favourite building is the “Gotham City” State Law Building.. it’s certainly the coolest building we have! My Fave structure is the Story Bridge :)


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