Where is the best pick up bar in Brisbane?


Some pubs and nightclubs in Brisbane – you just know you’re guaranteed to get lucky.

These aren’t necessarily the most high-class places around, but if you’re after one thing in particular… that’s your destination.

So comment with your suggestions – where’s the best bar for picking up in Brisbane?


  1. Has anyone tried online chat rooms? I find they are a great place to meet a variety of people from all backgrounds. And if you’re new to a particular area and don’t know anyone, chat rooms are a good place to make connections.

  2. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I have found something that helped me. Thanks!

  3. I think it is just bras in general….oh sorry I meant bars :)
    These days it is ridiculously easy to pick up if thats what you want….personally I love a man to make a bit more of an effort….but hey Im worth it

  4. In brisvagus for weekend. Got cloud land as recommended by this blog. Had a couple of drinks in flash apartment went to CLAND bout 9.30pm . Super hot wild chicks everywhere. 30 mins later me and my mate had picked up and where back at the pad. . . U know the rest five hours long. Cloud land SMOKEN! ! !

  5. I was always a regular customer in Cloudland. My friends and I hang out a lot in here especially on Fridays. I was never the type who’d dare do that but it’s a cool place to get cozy.

  6. I’m an ex-cab driver and don’t go to clubs and pubs much. Not much of a drinker.

    I’ve had a few girls from the Family ask me inside for 1 night stands, one I couldn’t refuse was a 3-some with 2 hot 18-20 year olds on E’s. I didn’t make much money that night, it was a long one.

    The other was the Normanby I met my fiance’ there, after picking her up and taking her home 1 night. I didn’t sleep with her even though she suggested it, I gave her my card. 3 weeks later called me and asked me to take her to and from the Normanby again. Then the following week, etc. Then went out on a date, I was suspicious of her nature but it turns out she was just extremely drunk that night and I’m a hottie… so…. we have been together happily for 6 years now. Both completely faithful.

    I got at least 8 offers from the Normanby within the 18 months that I worked, and about 5 from Family, and probably about 15 all up from various places around brisbane, New Farm, Valley, City, on Friday/Saturday nights.

    If you want to pick up but don’t care for drinking, why not get payed for it as well…. Become a cabbie if your at least half decent looking, between 20-35, you will pick up… no doubt.

  7. i cannot believe no-one has mentioned the Downunder bar. it’s actually impossible to NOT pick up there. sure its a massive hole, but if all you’re looking for is bangbang then it’s a winner.

  8. RJ is on the money. Looking fwd to checking out cloudland. I’m guessing its a little different since my parents went to dances there :)

  9. I met my man 4 yrs ago at The Normanby and still going strong :-)
    Now have our fav lounge bar (as we get older) in the valley- São Paulo

  10. I have been picked up many a time, when I have been to Fridays in the city.

    I often go to Fridays on a Wednesday night when it is ladies night, because I want to find some honest female conversation but all I ever find are middle aged men who try to buy me cocktails.

    Maybe I should go to a new bar.