What is Brisbane way too obsessed with?


brisbane-sunsetWhat are Brisbane residents overly obsessed with? Anything which you’re truly sick of hearing about?

Maybe it’s a sport code, a particular pub, a TV show, a particular personality, something in the media…

Let Brisbane know what’s bugging you, and maybe everyone will stop talking about it!

(Photo: Burning Image via Flickr)


  1. Danielle
    Melbourne. Everyone here speaks about it like it’s frigging Mecca.

    It is. I grew up there. Here for family.

  2. Insanely obsessed with local government boundaries! REAL capital cities – including Brisbane – transcend such minor limitations!

  3. Also Adrian. You are right on the money. Anyone who’s ever moved here from elsewhere would never leave. Undersigned included.

  4. Everyone yells TAXI everywhere in the world when a glass gets dropped. Maybe you need to get out a bit more, because that’s not a Brisbane thing.

  5. Danielle: Melbourne. Everyone here speaks about it like it’s frigging Mecca.

    Brisbane is way too obsessed with moving to Melbourne. Everyone who’s grown up here seems to think Melbourne is some sort of Promised Land. Everyone who’s moved here from elsewhere would never leave.

  6. Schools, most definately. You get to uni and everyones goes, “What school did you go to?” like it matters!

    and. when everyone yells TAXI! when someone drops a glass in a pub. get over it. it’s not funny any more

  7. Cheesy old radio personalities. Jamie Dunn, Ian Skippen, Luttsy (though he’s not old yet, he’s just the next generation of cheese) etc.

    The good ones all get snapped up into other careers, and the crap ones march around town like they’re “celebrities” and so many people in Brisbane buy it.

  8. Photos of

    1) The Story Bridge
    2) The City from Southbank
    3) The Brisbane Eye (that white elephant of a ferris wheel in Southbank).

    Looking at this page, I can see two of those three.

    Seriously, go to the Brisbanites group on Flickr and watch the slideshow of all the photos that people have submitted. Those three cliches show up so often. Big yawn.

  9. I reckon we are a little obsessed with being inferior to the southern states. Amazing just how many “Mexicans” them are up here!

  10. Schools! Seriously people, I left school 20 years ago, why do you really care which one I went to, quit asking! I have friends across the country and this appears to be far more common in Brisbane than any other city.


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