What does Brisbane have too much of?


We’ve already asked everyone what Brisbane doesn’t have enough of, so on this occasion we’re asking what Brisbane has too much of!

Leave your ideas in the comments underneath…


  1. Coffee Clubs and other mediocre chains. We have such a great cafe culture developing with quirky styles and personal service.. my hope it that these mass market places will eventually disappear.

  2. People standing on intersection corners competing to get your money for different charities – and heat.

  3. It has too many people like Pete above – (That is of course if Pete is actually a person and not an animal – I think he may live in a cave or Ipswich) “If you don’t like it PISS OFF” he says. What a wanker – this is the actual problem in Brisbane. Arrogant small minded idiots like “Pete”. These kinds of people are the quintessential Bogan and the real problem with the area. They actually think it is OK to think this way and act accordingly.
    Now we get to the real reason why Nightclubs are full of idiots, Restaurants are over priced and rubbish and the Pubs are empty most of the time and on a Friday, full of yobbos trying to start fights. People accept these behaviors in Brisbane and even encourage them.
    And then you hear on the news that the tourism industry is failing in Queensland – Gee I wonder why!!!
    Queenslanders are a joke in the Southern states due to their behavior – obviously with good reason!

    Anyone who does not think that this is where all the issues in Brisbane stem from is kidding themselves.
    The only thing holding back Brisbane is the behavior of the locals, it is atrocious and immature.
    The problem is these these people have never been anywhere or done anything. They have not been raised with any manners and do not know how to act.
    These are pseudo city people. What they really are is a bunch of small minded, fearful, insular hicks pretending and acting in a way they think a hip city person is supposed to act. But in truth having no idea apart from being a rude prick.

    The perfect young Brisbane couple
    Him: – Tradey with a UTE
    Her:- Bottle Blond air head with a boyfriend who has a UTE

    In short they substitute intelligence for hatred. That is why they suck and should be put up against the wall and shot.


  4. While I’m at it people talking on PhD loudly in public places even worse in a different language so u got no chance of it being interesting whilst being forcibly subjected to their conversation to u its just noise! Those whom stink like curry and other spices in enclosed public places and those playing crap music without earphones in public or with earphones but still that loud others have to hear it. People with bags on seats on public transport while others are standing society sux

  5. School kids on public buses and trains whom dont stand for adults, people who eat on buses, kids taking off stinky shoes on buses, pushing and shoving to get on buses to get a seat before adults do!

  6. The problem is Brisbanites don’t like criticism. Barry Humphries once said that Brisbane is the Australia of the world. That was true until very recently in the scheme of things- as the new kids on the block Brisbanites like to tell themselves that this city is perfectly adequate and that there is no need to change anything or reflect on ourselves.

    This city has never had a history of respect for the arts or culture, other than GOMA (which at least is SOMETHING to be proud of) our facilities here are appallingly non-existential and/or underfunded. We also prefer governments here that do not value those, non-entirely-economic aspects of our culture- many of the things that makes life enjoyable (many would wish to include sport in this- but that is entirely economical).

    In many ways this city is quite soulless, we think that having ‘good weather’ actually means anything, but we have very largely knocked down our historical buildings, we continuously vote any arts scene we might have out of existence, and we have built a modern city around it which in many ways is quite ugly (whilst occasionally also being quite pretty).

    We are also quick to decry the southern capitals- usually for the weather, and then how nasty the people are. I tell you, we just forget what living in an actual city is supposed to be like. People are not supposed to want to know you on the street. Saying that, I’ve rarely had polite bus drivers in Brisbane- but most public transport workers in the southern capitals have actually been very polite. I’d say the problem is most Brisbanites have no idea what they are doing down south- they certainly never look the part whenever I find Brisbanites in Sydney or Melbourne.

  7. Pete, So you think there is nothing wrong with Brisbane.. or even anything you would like to improve?

    Every city has faults and most do not have the naturally amazing parts that Brisbane does.
    I think the idea behind airing problems that people have with a city is to try and improve them, or even better, have someone actually come up with a decent argument as to why the perception is incorrect.
    Brisbane could be more lively and amazing than any other city in Aus, but it currently is not and I am stumped why this is the case. With the weather and people, Brisbane should be the envy of the entire country. The facilities and culture are lacking along with a host of other items. But all of these can be adjusted if people want them to be.
    Other states and cities have to put up with problems that cannot be changed and have to ‘put up’ with them as part of living in the city or region. We don’t have that problem and it is something that sets Brisbane and Queensland apart from the rest in a great way!

    I would like to add another think that Brisbane has too much of.
    I forgot that one but was recently reminded for some reason.

  8. – Bad Coffee
    – Massively overweight people
    – Merging lanes
    – Offroad Vehicles with no mud on them.. ever

    There are heaps more, and some are not just for Brisbane I guess.

    @Kitty – I think the hate is less here than in Melbourne I find people here in general much more friendly and laid back. I don’t know the politics so well here yet, so maybe I will change my tune.

  9. Brisbane has too much hate. Thanks Newman, hates art, hates gays, hates women, hates environmentalists, hates national parks, hates hates hates


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