What area of Brisbane makes you proud to live here?


Let’s face it – there’s some locations around Brisbane that are so gorgeous, or make us feel so good – we can’t help feeling a smidget self-satisfied that this city is so fantastic.

What road or suburb around Brisbane makes you proud to call this city the place where you live?


  1. Places like Woolloongabba, Greenslopes and Stones Corner which despite bad wraps in the past are “growing up” into fantastic areas with a bubbling community and local businesses just waiting for their time to shine.

    As others have said, rides on the CityCats on a beautifully sunny day make you see many of our best areas and make you beam with pride to be in a great city.

  2. I’m working with some agencies that are trying to create a more positive profile and lift community pride of INALA!

  3. Anywhere in the Redlands. Close to beaches, Moreton Bay, koalas, parks, and still only 20km to Brisbane CBD. Only problem is getting to CBD takes over an hour!